Reconstruct curves and meshes

Need Help 1.3dm (755.0 KB)
I am beginer ,
Need help of the GURU’s from this forum !!!
in file is all the discription what I want .
Thanks in ADVANCE !!!

Dear Ana - welcome the forum.

check the command
it will allow you to change direction of curves, meshes, surfaces.

as long as your geometry is repetitive - check

most easy - draw the initial elements in the direction you need them
then “multiply” them with _array

for meshes use
click the 4 points in counter clock direction will give you a normal (blue vector) to point upwards.
this might be better then just flipping the normal, depending on the other software reads out normals (_dir will do the job) or recomputes them (more consistent to draw the face / point in right order).

(for future post - it s great to have a .3dm file, but it is also nice to have a screenshot / sketch / … and a description in the post, so readers can judge very fast view, if they can help or the topic interests them)

hope above helps - i am not a guru :person_in_lotus_position: - kind regards -tom

Hi Tom, I was hopping ,may be a GURU can build a grasshoper tree, which resolve this problem
Or somebody may meet allready this problem


Your file was created using a cracked/pirated version of Rhino.

Interface Name: Rhinoceros 7.13 - Corporate, build 2021-12-14 - (compiled Dec 14 2021)