Trying to project line segments through a mesh; "The Projection Missed the Selected Objects"

I have a mesh of a tooth, and I’m trying to create outlines of the mesh by projecting lines through it (created via polar array). When I try to select the 5 lines and project them through the mesh, I get the error message, “The projection missed the selected objects”.

How can I fix the projection? Thank you for your time!

JacksonSlice Projection.3dm (3.4 MB)

Project projects in the direction normal to the CPlane in the active viewport, not in the camera direction. In the perspective viewport with the default CPlane projection is in the z direction.

Your curves do not line up with the tooth in the perspective viewport, nor the top, side or bottom viewports.

Switch to one of the ortho viewports (top, side or bottom) and line the curves up with tooth in that viewport.

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Thanks for the response. Is there any way that I can rotate the tooth in the top, side, or bottom viewports that will allow me to place the curves more precisely, while also maintaining the ability to project them?

That is, the standard views upon importing my mesh are not particularly the views the I want to project curves through.

Simplest method is to use Rotate (including successive applications) or Rotate3D to rotate the tooth to the desired position.

Custom views and CPlanes can also be set using various commands.

Attached is a small python script which will project a set of curves onto a set of surfaces/polysurfaces/meshes in the current (active) view direction (does not need to correspond with active CPlane). Works most predictably with parallel projection views, of course. (1.3 KB)


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Delightful! That worked perfectly! Thank you!!