Projection missing object

hi guys
Am having trouble projecting these curves onto these four objects i have tried doing it in different views trying to figure out if this was the reason why but it still hasn’t worked.

i need help guys please.

thank you

ps i have attached the file at the botttom

project of leaf vine fail.3dm (889.7 KB)

hello - I am not sure I completely get what you are trying to do but Project is not going to do anything here - Project is for pushing curves onto a target object in one direction, the CPlane normal - like an extrusion of the curves.


oh okay so what is the best way of transferring these curves on to the object then any suggestions.


Hi Mini - I’d need a lot more info about what exactly you want the results to be…


i must point out that the names of those commands are chosen a little confusing. for quite some time i assumed that project should do what pull actually does. not knowing all the commands and what they can at the first instant did not help much at all… something more or less minor to think about to whomever it may concern.

anyhow thats how project would look like but for this the curves have to be exactly above the surfaces you want to have the pattern on but its very limitted as pascal wrote only perpendicular to a cplane. you can of course make a new cplane rotate it as you want and use this as a projection method.

another option is pull. for this you target the curves how you want to have them “projected” along the surface normals of your polysurfaces. this computes a little longer so depending on the age of your computer it can take a few minutes, at least on my old mac it does.

you also have something like FlowAlongSrf but this only works on a single surface and not on polysurfaces you have there. has the advantage to follow the exact curvature of a bent curvy surface.

oh and by the way your objects are far off grid that can cause some issues. i would put them back in place with boxedit and center them on the cplane again and shrink them down a few numbers, they are far too big either.

Thnks for the response guys,
i have managed to do the projections flowing Richard’s response although it did take a bit of time it came out the way i wanted it to

thnks again