(Solved) Error Projecting Curve to Surface


I’d like to review the project curves to surface command and what it’s limitations are.

I currently have a project where I’m getting an error “The Projection missed the selected objects.”

I do not know why this error is occurring. Pull curves works but obviously doesn’t have the results I need. I’ve had this error in the past a few times so now I know I need to know exactly how this operation works or I’ll continue running into problems.

Furthermore, this project is part of a Pluralsight tutorial video and the instructor seems to be making this operation just fine without any errors, which boggles me even more as to why this operation is failing.

I’ve attached the file for public review. See screenshot below that shows the curves I’m trying to project.

TsplineCar.3dm (252.2 KB)

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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Hi Matt - Project currently works strictly in the CPlane normal direction, so make sure you’re in a view that has the CPlane set to the plane of the inputs (or parallel to it).



Pascal, thanks for the quick reply. I had been doing the command in Persp and it wasn’t recognizing the direction.



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thank you, i had the same problem, and now it resolved

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In V6, there is a ‘Direction’ option which will allow a custom projection direction to be set.