The projection missed the selected objects

Select the curve and surface. Run Project command. Get “The projection missed the selected objects.”


If I move the arrow around, it’ll get it partially projected eventually.

test1.3dm (312.5 KB)

Version 5 SR9 64-bit
(5.9.40609.20145, 6/9/2014)


The problem seems to be from the curve/polyline being projected. It overlaps itself along the area that would intersect the surface. Explode the curve and delete the duplicate line and it works.

^ I can see that being a problem, but why if I move it around it’ll eventually get projected? Why is the command behaviour so inconsistent?

I don’t know and would have to file the issue and have a developer look into it to know for sure. Is a projection failure when using joined duplicates something you’re running into often?

What do you think should happen here? A different message prompt about duplicate objects maybe causing the failure?

BTW, Explode and SelDup will give you the line to delete too.

I don’t run into it often at all, but for now I’ll have to redesign the arrow, 'cause it needs to be an open polyline for two scripts to work properly. In short - the projected arrow “codes” grain direction into surface for future UnrollSrf and proper part orientation.

In this particular case it should get projected as a closed polyline consisting of two overlapping lines ('cause logic?).