Trying to import from Autocad LT

I just installed Autocad LT 2023. I know that Rhino 5 only supports Dwg files from Acad 13 and lower.
I see no option to wblock from AcadLT to that version.
So of course when I wblock parts of my drawing Rhino 5 wont read it.
Normally I go from Acad to Rhino constantly moving parts of the dwg for reference or as outlines to extrude or whatever.
Do I need to go now every time through TrueView and convert the exported entities?
With regular Autocad, once you convert the whole drawing once I could then wblock bits and pieces thereafter into Rhino without issues.

As far as I remember, V5 could import at least up to 2004 dwg files…

I meant 2013
Why Does My DWG / DXF Not Open in Rhino? [McNeel Wiki]
Howevr, It seems like Acad LT only wblocks in its current version …
Is this the case? Can I export in lower Acad version?

Hi @juancarreras,

Your 2023 AutoCAD version is AutoCAD 2018 file format. Here are your options, time vs. money is the real decision here…
You can decide what is best for you.

  • You can upgrade Rhino to Rhino 7 that will import the 2018 DWG/DXF. Rhino 5 requires 2004 DWG or earlier.
  • You can upgrade to full AutoCAD that will allow you to “wblock” to older versions of the DWG/DXF like 2004… You are seeing a limitation of LT, not full AutoCAD. This is the result of the lower price tag!
  • You can use a free utility like the DWG TrueView to change the version of the DWG/DXF to 2004 or earlier. More trouble, but no extra money to upgrade software.

Hope this helps.
Mary Ann Fugier

Thanks Mary. Those were the obvious options which I was already aware of.
So I’m using Trueview. I can’t afford the other two yet. :grinning: