AutoCAD (DWG/DXF) Imports: Any progress or news?

Maybe I’ll dig up the old links. But I’m really just wondering if this has been worked on. Lately I’ve been thinking about reviving a previous workflow concept (Rhino for a 3D model, ACAD for annotations) that would be perfect for my current projects.

I know A LOT has been going on, but it looks like things really stabilized and a lot of the bigger issues (at least from an outsiders perspective) have been fixed.

I had an issue with leaders, in particular, multi-leaders without text wouldn’t import at all. With a bit of time I can actually write a LISP that would provide a workaround (not a great one). I could also write something that would export a CSV of the leader coordinates and then write a C# script that would use the CSV coords to create leaders in my Rhino file. But of course 1) This is a time-intensive and not great solution, and 2) If I can do it… :wink:

Anyways, I know everyone is busy so I’m really just inquiring about progress.


Hi @keithscadservices,
I have tested a Mleader with not text save from AutoCAD 2023 and imported into Rhino 8 sr7.
It works.

There were a lot of DWG/DXF import issues corrected in Rhino 8. This was only one that I remember logging and testing. But I verified it again tonight.

Please test at your convenience
If it does not work for you, please post a DWG.

Thank again,
Mary Ann Fugier

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I think the leaders work. Other stuff wasn’t. But I will post on the weekend so I can be more specific. This is actual work work so I’ll have to pick out the actual issue rather than sending the entire file.

There are some improvements, especially with the more challenging stuff. Blocks for example seem to be responding nicely.

Empty leaders still won’t import. A work-around on my end is to run a script as mentioned but I feel like if it’s that easy for me it should be easy on your end too. But if it comes down to me having to run a script no biggie.

A new problem arose with dimensions: The text and ticks are super small.

If I edit my multi-leader styles so that they have text (easy script to make) the leader arrow heads still come in super-small.

There are some small issues with line overrides not coming along. This is something I can sort pretty easily on my end.

The draw order is unfortunately mucking up some of my drawings. But that’s a different problem for a different day and maybe warrants a different approach from my end: