Can't open dwg from autocad 2018 in Rhino 5

Hi there,

Apparently Autodesk changed their dwg format in v. 2018. This means I can’t open the dwg (2018) in Rhino5 anymore.

Is this something that will be fixed in Rhino 6?
Or is there a fix for Rhino5?

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AutoCAD is already in 2018? Most of the rest of us are still in 2017… Guess they have enough money to have their own time machine.

Export as something like AutoCAD 2014… There won’t be a fix for Rhino 5. --Mitch

Hehe, yeah. Autodesk in a nutshell.

Somehow Autodesk always knows what the future will look like… nooot… :open_mouth:

But we just upgraded our ACAD LT to 2018, and are working on projects with people in both rhino and people in Acad, so its a bit frustrating. (Everytime it automatically save for the newest version / we forget to save as older version)

But this would be nice to have implemented in rhino V6.
Does anyone knows if this will be fixed?

By the time V6 is out commercially, I’m sure it will be able to import Acad V 2018… --Mitch

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Is there any date for the launch of v6? I can’t remember this…

In the meantime we’ll save backwards.

Thanks for your fast reply

The standard answer is:

“When it’s ready…”


:sunny: :innocent:

I’m looking forward to this


Hi Thomas.

In AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT Options / Open and Save Tab, set the File Save default to 2013 (or 2010) format and you won’t have to remember to “save as”.



2018 DWG file format.
Quote - “The DWG format has been updated to provide improvements in the efficiency of open and save operations, especially for drawings that contain many annotative objects and viewports. Additionally, 3D solid and surface creation is now using the newest geometric modeler which has improved security and stability.”

Thx Barry for your reply,

The default save is a good solution!

Regarding the dwg-version, I guess Autodesk have to do this occasionally to update their software …and to make their customers change/update to the newest software :stuck_out_tongue: