DWG import issue - rhino 6

Hi there,

we run into a bug importing a ACAD2018 dwg into rhino 6.

Attached pictures show the difference between rhino6 import and rhino5 import.



We saved a 2004 dwg version and also dxf to open it in rhino5 aswell as rhino6.

rhino5 works well,
rhino6 gives that “random” extrusion thickness also when importing a 2004 dxf, rhino6 also throws that error of bad faces.

attached find the dwg.
primary structure 2018-10-10.dwg (153.9 KB)

Thanx for your help.



On importing in V6, I get




The file imports and I see the same problems as the image you posted.

On importing in V5, I get




And the file doesn’t import at all…

Yep, that is right.
That´s why we exported as 2004 Version to be able to open in rhino5.
Even that 2004 file imports incorrctly in rhino 6.


Yes, an ACAD 2018 file will never open in Rhino V5… I think it’s lucky that V6 does open it - often Rhino is one or two versions behind. Maybe you can post the 2004 version?

If they are all the same size tubes, export just the centerlines from ACAD and import those into V6, then use Pipe on all at once in Rhino.

If you export from acad in .igs format it opens fine in rhino V6.