Rhino and AutoCAD LT

I have been using AutoCAD LT for technical drawings and recently started modelling using Rhino. Is there a way to import Rhino models into AutoCAD LT (not full AutoCAD with 3D capabilities) to create drawings from? What format should I export the Rhino model in?

When I try as .wmf AutoCAD LT says “only v7 and v8 DGN files supported” Any advice appreciated!

You can use SaveAs or Export to make DWG and DXF files. You’ll need to know the version of your AutoCAD LT.
Rhino supports many DWG/DXF file formats and many options within them. These options are saved as export schemes. You’ll need to choose one that has the settings close to what you need or describe your down process use.

Just so you know, AutoCAD LT is not limited to 2D. That’s a common misperception. It doesn’t have the customization features of regular AutoCAD but it is as fully 3D as it’s more feature complete big brother.

Whaaa …? How is it 3D? I’ve been working in AutoCAD LT for years and I’m working in a strictly 2D environment.

Here’s a 3D DWG made by me in Rhino.
You may need to use the VPOINT command to change your view point to see the 3D.
Tall Coat Tree.dwg (224.8 KB)