Trying to fix curtain panel by face issue

Hi guys,

I am creating curtain systems by face as shown on right. However, the system by face places the topmost mullions beyond the extents of the face geometry, causing the top horizontal mullions to appear embedded in the roof mass:

I have thought a lot about how to address this issue and attempted to make a custom mullion family that was offset from the center axis but couldn’t produce the desired result. My current idea is to try to offset the edge shown on the left to split the face in two, so that revit enables me to pick the lower larger face. I am wondering if you agree with that approach or if my best bet is to make a duplicated mass form where the roof form is dropped down to accommodate for the mullion thickness.

I know how to do the latter but not the former so I am going to try to start there.

Thanks for any thoughts and help!

The curtain wall mullions are always going to be straight segments, if you have a curved roof they will collide.

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I was able to get the geometry to appear correct by making the change to the mass described above.

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