Curved Curtain Systems vis GH?

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I’m just getting familiar with the Rhino.Inside environment, so apologies if this is already available, but I’m hoping to create a curtain system using arc-based curves. Looking through the Rhino.Inside guide, I see that the “Creating Non-Linear Curtain Walls” section is in progress, so maybe the ability is as well? If this is the case, I may opt to construct as a generic model family temporarily until the functionality is in place.

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Hello @woodhouse. Welcome back.
You can already create curved curtain walls using Add Wall (Curve) component. Just feed a Curtain Wall type to it instead of a Basic wall.

Ah, @eirannejad thanks for clarifying. At the moment, the curtainwalls being populated in my definition are going endpoint to endpoint rather than following the curve. Maybe I need to look at the Revit family type to see how gridlines are being generated within the type itself.

Another question for you related to this: is it possible to control the gridline location within this curtainwall, or is it restricted to inheriting the properties of the type as established in Revit? I saw an example on the forum (possibly by you) that was populating gridline segments on a flat curtain system. In my case, I’m just looking for the flexibility in identifying the horizontal and vertical grids, likely by a series of planes. Any thoughts you have here would be greatly appreciated!

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(yes, it looks like the initial curtain type I was using didn’t auto-populate grids, so that was my error at the outset.)

@woodhouse Both Curtain Walls and Curtain Systems follow the same underlying logic:

  • The Type can define how the vertical/horizontal mullions are spread throughout the length or hight of the wall
  • The Type also sets the Mullion Type of all the mullions including the ones on the wall borders
  • The Instance allows the user to add arbitary grids anywhere they want. These will be stored based on the offsets from the start points of the wall. If the Type definition changes, Revit will try to replace these manually-added grids back on the wall or remove them if it can’t.
  • The API supports adding grid lines and grid segments anywhere on the wall.

You have to decide what combination of settings you might want to use for your curtain walls depending on the complexity