Trianglated curtain wall system issues

Hi guys,

I’m trying to make a Fuller’s geodesic like dom with mesh in grasshopper. I have the following questions about this issue:

  1. Does curtain-system in revit only support the 4-boundaries-surface type with UV directions as a host? How can I implement this into meshes? For a lot of times in optimization or form finding it’s much convenient to cope with meshes rather than surfaces. Especially if there is singularities, one has to think deeply on proper quad patches to fit the complicated boundary conditions and structural system patterns. That seems the only way how complex geometry can adapt to the mass geometry in revit.

  2. In curved surface the mullions follow only along the UV direction inside a curtain system. Any chance that I can configure mullions outside the curtain system or free of directions and normals? A workflow by picking the mesh edges and normals in rhino as host would be appreciate.

  3. Currently people can use adaptive panels to create the glazing units. However these units are discreate in the revit file which is a little bit annoying.

屏幕截图 2023-06-12 200812 (14.5 KB)
tri_panel_en.rfa (364 KB)

Correct, we are always going to be constrained by Revit’s framework.

Mullions are only available in the Curtain Wall System.