Trying to create a waffle structure

Hi there,

Im struggling to create contours from this shape, i have both polysurface and mesh and neither will allow me to create contours without rhino crashing.

Im trying to achieve a waffle sub structure - like metropol parasol but not sure where im going wrong! any ide why it might be crashing? al the tutorials online seem to be able to contour?

many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Apparently you forgot to attach the model and information about the Rhino version and your computer.

Windows, rhino 7

Welcome to the Rhino discourse forum. I see that you just joined. I’m sure that potential helpers will find your google drive file, but for future reference let me point out that you can attach files to your post by using this icon in the toolbar at the top of the discourse edit window (unless they are really huge):

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 9.04.38 AM
Rhino also has a System Info (maybe it’s systeminfo) command which will create a .txt file that gives a substantial amount of information about your Rhino installation that is very helpful in troubleshooting. It’s usually a good idea to run that command and attach the resulting file to your post in addition to the model file.

Finally: What do you mean by “crashing”? To Rhino developers a crash results in a “Crash” file and a message box requesting that you send it to McNeel.

Yeah im really struggling to upload the file directly but this is the message that appears when i try and contour - any help would be greatly appreciated thankyouuu

24041456.3dm (10.3 MB)

Please if anyone can help

Hi Thalia -
Contour seems to work fine here.
Seeing the size of the object, I wonder what your distance setting is in that command. I suppose that, depending on your hardware, if you use a low value here, you might be running into issues.
Apart from that, you are running an old version of Rhino 7. Please update to the current Service Release.

Okay thats good to hear that you’ve managed to get the contours, feels like its more my machine than the model which i guess it better? was this with the most recent model upload and what distance contour did you use? trying to see if i can get it to work for myself, currently updating rhino.

Honestly can’t thank you enough!!

Hi -

Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

Yes, that was with the most recently uploaded model and I used 1000 as the distance.