Truss - Rhino.Inside Revit

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know if it is possible to push into Revit truss elements?
Any suggestion highly appreciated.


Its available in the API, any particular components needed for your workflow?

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unfortunately not an API literate.
I am aiming to build a work flow to import Trusses into Revit starting from a location curve.
That’s an example from the Dynamo forum…


A create Truss by curve component is totally doable. We’ll get you a python component to hold you over while it’s in the queue. The primary difference is that python component won’t have element tracking.


That would be fantastic anyway.

Here’s a simple add truss python component (9.1 KB)

Amazing. You legend!

Hi, have been using this script a lot, thanks so much.
I noticed though that the trusses come with no work-plan associated. I tried to set it using the Element Parameter node, but it seems to be read-only.
Could you kindly recommend a way to do so?


If you place a Truss through the UI it Associated the WP with the Level (or a WP you set before hand)

In rhino.inside.revit we are adding in a sketch plane which is temporary, hence the . In the Revit API that’s the only option. So even if we use a Level input it’s still not associated.


Thanks a lot for this anyway. Not sure if this can help but using the Dynamo script linked above it does associate a reference level. Many thanks

RIR Truss component would be great to have.
Super useful over having to do multiple line geometry to Single Beam Elements.
Hard to manage if its released from the a RIR Script.

How it might work best.

  1. Single Line Location in a GH Script would identify a Truss Location
  2. Truss Family Type
  3. Set Reference Level
  4. Truss Depth & Spacing is set by Parameters
  5. Truss Members are updated in the Family Type

Then we can inspect Element to update the Truss Depth Parameter.

Ill have ago at the above script. Hope to see this in the next release. Thanks Japhy

Hi Japhy,

Just tested the above python script for trusses. Thanks for this.
Seems to not hold its connection with the Revit. Uhen you update the Curve in Rhino/GH, it will re create the Truss Element and wont hold it’s ID Number. Also cant read its element parameters.

OK - So you can Inspect the Truss Element if you bring the Element through Graphical Element. Which is great.

Then with using Element Curve i can update the Truss length & location :slight_smile:

Little bit of a work around to get this working. Would be great to get the Python Component updated to handle line/curve updates & to be able to inspect element after creating the element.

Element tracking can not be implemented within custom python components, so the valid way to get around it is just what you did. As also, mentioned by Japhy couple posts up.

Element tracking is currently only available through RiR component.