RIR add text node


Just wondering if it is possible to add a simple text node from Rhino Inside Revit. The corresponding node in Dynamo is ‘TextNote.ByLocation’.

Paul, After a successful rollout of the element tracking feature the plan is to have a new component layout and all built-in components in v1.0, annotations being on of the more requested features.


What do you mean by new component layout? Does this mean the ribbon and tabs?

Any idea when we can expect v1?

There will be a lot of additional components and a need to reorganize and make things more compact. This development is predicated on a successful release of element tracking, i will throw out a guess of Sept for v1.0 rc, but is really just my 2cents.

Since v1 RC has been released, does this mean all the new components, including the text node, will be released in v1? I can’t see any new nodes in the RC.

The release candidate is for the element tracking only, new components will be added in future releases.

@Japhy @kike can we add this to the wish list for future releases. Is there an ‘official’ list somewhere where we can add it directly?

Yup! A lot of standard components are going to be added that aren’t on the issues list but you can certainly add it as a New Issue: Feature Request and it will get categorized into a milestone.

No GitHub account? I can add it for you, just let me know.

Hello Japhy,

Just checking if there are any updates regarding this topic. as a way around it, I thought of duplicating an existing text and then changing the text value but seems that we can’t duplicate text.

Hi Shadi, nothing native, there was this post recently that might be helpful.

Perfect. Thank you Japhy