Old elements rhino inside - help please

Hi everyone,

recently I have developed a parametric script for 2 different structures, a truss structure and one with steel profiles, I did upload all the elements I need. My problem is: when I switch from one structure to another rhino switch it too, in the meantime Revit just overlaps both and does not clean the old one.

I would be grateful if someone could help me, thank you

Moved to Rhino for Revit category so it will be seen.

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I’m not 100 sure if I’m understanding your question:

  • “when I switch from one structure to another” you mean switching Revit models in Revit interface?
  • “rhino switch it too” What does Rhino switch? Grasshopper by default works on the active document
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I did not express myself as I wished.
So, I have a button on grasshopper to choose which structure I want to generate, the first time I choose one structure I have no problem, however, if I choose the second structure in Revit interface they overlap. I am working on an analytical model on Revit
Hope you can understand my question now, thank you anyway

So every time you run the grasshopper definition it is going to generate a new set of elements (overlapping). We are working on the Element Tracking feaure (should be public in a few weeks) that makes Grasshopper rememeber all the elements it generates and will solve this particular problem

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I don’t know why, but it just start running perfectly. I’m was using a stream filter to choose which structure to generate, and I am still using a stream filter indeed, however, Revit just start cooperating, I can not understand what I did or what was the problem, but it is working

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