True Pan and True Tilt Controls

I am talking about view changes which do NOT move the camera’s position, but only tilt and pivot it.

I have been using keyboard commands for this succesfully in the past. I believe they were ctrl+ alt +RMB. Maybe shift was involved as well.

Today I am using my laptop’s keyboard, which I usually don’t use, and I can’t get these commands to work. Have they changed? Are they not available on an integrated keyboard?

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Thanks. I am using the command in an aerial view oblique to the object. The way these true pan and tilt controls work tends to initiate a roll of the view, which seems to be something altogether different. In more horizontal or clearly vertical views it responds in a way that I recognize, so I didn’t recognize this as a different version of the same controls.

Play around with these controls:

That might act more like other applications.

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Thanks. I have been using those commands so effortlessly in the past that I think I must have accidentally changed the setting above when changing the zoom scale factor today, which is why I’m having trouble. Can you tell me what the default is for that rotate setting?

The selected item (not the yellow one) are default with the exceptions of Linked Viewports and Zoom scale factor.
Linked viewports keeps parallel projection viewports (Top, Front, Right), synchronized and at the same Zoom.
I prefer my Mouse wheel to not be too sensitive so I use a Zoom scale factor of 0.95 instead of 0.90