Simple shortcut I'd like to implement


(JB) #1

Rhino 6

I know that I can pan in and out using ctrl pgup and pgdn, respectively, but I’d like to set it to ctrl+middle button scroll, so I can switch between pan and zoom easier.

What rhino commands do you use on a regular basis and think others don't know about?
(JB) #2

1 Week, but no replies…is it just not possible?

(Diego Krause) #3

you have it all with the right mouse button:
zoom with ctrl + RMB
pan with Shift + RMB ,
tilt the view Shift + Alt + RMB
pivto parallel views : Crtl + Shift + alt + RMB
once you get used to it is pretty handy as it is by default

(JB) #4

Hi Diego. I’m not sure you understood my request. There’s a side-to-side pan, and there’s a forward-backward pan. Instead of the camera magnifying the view as in zooming, the camera is moved forward and backward. You can demonstrate this using the ctrl+ pgup/pgdn buttons. It’s helpful when you’re at max magnification but want to move the camera closer to a specific area.

After a bunch of random button-pushing tests, I found that if you hold alt while turning the mouse wheel, you can pan forward and backward. Unfortunately, it sometimes doesn’t work when you have something selected… I’d love to be able to change it to ctrl + mouse wheel, but that option doesn’t seem to be available.