Troubleshooting: Data protection failed


After logging in to a Rhino Account to license Rhino for Mac, this error appears…


The same error message is also shown in the browser.

The error is caused by incorrect ownership of the ~/.config directory.


Open and copy and paste the commands below. Hit Enter after each command.

First, ensure that your account is the owner of the ~/.config directory. Your password will be required.

sudo chown -v ${USER}:staff ~/.config

Second, ensure that the ~/.config directory is readable, writeable and executable by your account.

chmod -vv u+rwX ~/.config

Lastly, confirm that the ~/.config directory now has the right owner and permissions.

ls -lad ~/.config

You will see something like this… drwx------ 8 will staff 256 16 Jan 14:01 /Users/will/.config. The permissions must start with “drwx” and the owner (before “staff”) should be your username (not “root”).

If the above doesn’t work, then please get in touch with us. Standalone licensing (locking the license key to the machine) can be used as a fallback option.