Request to license server results in an error

The request to Mcneel’s license servers resulted in a server error eventhough I have a licence. How can this be solved?

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My colleague is having the same issue, I have also created a topic for it.

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We’re on it, check again in 20 minutes.

Many thanks

Hi Joëlle -

You should be able to login and run Rhino now.

Unfortunately not working for me. Been trying different things the last 2 hours.

Rhino is finding my license, but “An unexpected error occurred.” when I try to login.

Completely clueless.

Hi Erik, a major data center went down & we are switching to an emergency backup. Our Zoo trauma team is prepared for such a scenario and is working through it.

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Still not working for my colleague

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Database is still down, Emergency backup is slowly coming up. There are DNS propagations and other particulars that unfortunately are out of our control that take time update.

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