Trouble with exploded text orientation despite 'uniform' plane alignments

Hi All,
I am having some trouble correctly aligning exploded text to some ‘borehole’ models I am producing.

Basically, I have a series of boreholes in different orientations:

Against each borehole, I have a script placing depth markers at 10m intervals, I now want to label these, with labels hugging the borehole but generally rotated so that they can all be seen from one viewpoint, i.e:

I have done this by assigning a universal ‘display vector’ then rotating each borehole vector 90 degrees toward the display vector and using these two perpendicular vectors to construct my planes at each point.

Now each of these planes has the X axis toward the right (but perpendicular to the borehole) and the Y axis in line with the borehole.

The thing that has me stumped, is when i explode this text (which i need to do for some of the exports I need) - half of my text goes AWOL.

This is despite having what seems like fairly uniform and well constrained planes? Noting when constructing planes we cannot define the Z axis, as that is defined by the right hand rule, from the X and Y (which are perpendicular) - so I cant figure how these differ, or what do do for a fix!

Hoping someone, possibly @DavidRutten may have some ideas. I have looked at a bunch of other posts, and read over the discussions along this vein previously, (Explodable 3D Text - Similar to Fabtools 3D Text Advanced - #2 by martinsiegrist), but I am out of ideas…

I have uploaded the GH file - but not the spreadsheet that it pulls its data from (it appears to be not allowed on the site?) - hopefully the screenshots make sense!

Borehole Plotter File Revised FOR ROCK (310.8 KB)

I don’t have half of your plugins installed.

Have you checked in the settings, whether you have this “Horizontal to view” option on or off?

Hi Martin,
Sorry, I have uploaded a revision with data internalised and no plugins used. Should have done that first time around.

Justify Text Curves to (23.6 KB)

I changed the text alignment, and it doesnt seem to make a difference. If i bake the Text, its fine (justified by Rhino) - its only when i explode that text, or bake exploded curves that it doesn’t work.

I spent a bit more time yesterday, and strangely enough, the text does not seem to follow the plane at all?

I.e. Here is a shot with the text upside down, Y axis is up, X axis is to the right:

If i rotate the planes around their X axis (so make Y axis down) I would have expected it to make the text the right way around - but somehow it doesnt seem to work:

In the GH file the plane, and the plane rotated around its X axis 180 degrees are here:

Plugin to the Pln container below to update.

I should also note, while i am using a C# script here written by @qythium (thanks again), the same problem occurs if i use the standard 3D text tag, and then explode that.

Hopefully someone can shine some light on this - otherwise I can use a work around which would be to bake the curves, then rotate them 180 degrees around the local planes X axis.


In the font settings, there is another option that can cause issues.

“Orient text towards reader when viewed from behind”

Using Elefront, the text is created correctly with your planes:

I noticed you created offset planes in a complicated way. Can be done like this:

This problem with the script has to do with the plane normals.

Justify Text Curves to (36.8 KB)