Alignment of Text to Surfaces

Good evening all,

I have received for my project work already a lot of help / support from the forum here, which i am very thankful for.
I have read loads of posts here in the forum as well on other sources, but honestly i hit the wall here with that last piece needed.

I have downloaded the Bower-bird plug-in so that i could position the text i need on the panels in the correct position as well as having the proper size on the panels in GH and also having the correct and same size and position after baking the panels with the text into Rhino.

However, i still have 2 Problems, which i am not able to solve as of now:

  1. I am not able to get the text aligned to the panel surfaces, the surfaces are facetted to each other and as of now, the text is not following this inclined orientation of the surfaces.
    So when baking into Rhino, the half of the text is showing at the back ( where it should be), and the other half of the text is below the surfaces.

  2. I would like to join / combine the joined open Breps and the text together before baking, so that when baked into Rhino, the panels with the respective texts are in one object.
    I would need this for further processing of each panel and therefore i need to have each panel with the correct Label combined as one object.

I have now tried since a while to find a way to get this done, but i really hit a wall here and cant find a solution.

Here is what my result is showing when baked into Rhino:

I would be very thankful if somebody can give me some good advise or point me in the right direction on how i can solve this issue.

Attached again my GH code and the Rhino File .

Thanks a lot in Advance and wish everybody a nice weekend ahead.


2021-10-08_Net Line Model.3dm (238.8 KB)
2021-10-08_Panel + (44.4 KB)
Result of Baking into Rhino.pdf (34.5 KB)

I don’t have the plugins you are using so can’t see all of your current GH code, but it seems to me that this issue (including Flip Plane) was covered in your previous thread, without any plugins at all:

@kev.r and I both used Text Tag 3D instead of the Bowerbird plug-in but surely the plane orientation is the same? Is there something about that you didn’t understand?

P.S. I just inserted this white group into your latest code and wonder how well it works using the Bowerbird plugin? Ignore the text rotation/alignment for a moment, is the text now flat on the panels? (51.3 KB)

P.P.S. The cyan group aligns the text horizontally. It is copied from code I posted in the previous thread (, though had to be modified slightly. Look again at how @kev.r accomplished the same alignment in a different way. (56.1 KB)

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Hi @Joseph_Oster ,

i have tried it as you have shown, and i have the issue with the size of the text while baking.
There i had found that if i get a slider and put it to 0.5, it have the correct size when baking, but the position was not possible to get into the panel center.
Also with this definition, the text / label where not aligned with the panel, but in the same way, that half of the text is below and half is above the surface ( please see below screen shot ).

Thats why i have searched and read to see if i can find a solution to this issue.
I found that some had referred to Bowerbird, which i had tried, but the result is in regards to the orientation to the actual surface the same, it is not really aligning to the surface, but flat in x-direction. But the panels in X-direction are slightly inclined, that’s why the text is half disappearing.

Here is the code as you has shown…

but as you can see on the baked one, the text is half in and half out…

Also the positioning is not in Center of the panel…

Thats why i had tried to search and find a other component which i could use to solve this problem.

I am struggling with this tagging…

Maybe i miss something in this…

Thanks Joseph for your reply and help.


You are mixing up issues. getting text flat on the surfaces is trivial, font size and text rotation are different, unrelated matters. It’s been almost a week since the prior thread where this was solved. I don’t know what more to say.

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Hi @Joseph_Oster ,

I think i have really mixed up things here.

I have now re-used your code which you have just posted here and it is now working and all texts are aligned on the panel surfaces… :hot_face:

I thank you very much for your patience with me on this.
I admit, i have to learn lots and lots more in GH and hope that in some month im getting better and better on this.

Again, Joseph, Thank you very much for your kind help.

Have a great weekend,


You had this solution a week ago but apparently didn’t fully understand the code we posted. :roll_eyes:

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yes, that might be true.
Sorry for this, im honestly and seriously still in my infant-shoes in regards to GR.

Looking forward to have one day as much knowledge as you and the other guys here in the forum, but there is never falling a master out of the sky, all needs training and practice.

Im working on it and trying my very best to absorb all the information and help i can get.

Anyway, thanks again Joseph, I have learned a lot from you these days on this challenge.



Hi Josef,

i would like to ask for some help again if possible and if you have some time for it.

I have from before all parts correctly generated ( thanks for your help on that ), and i would like now to re-orient the panels with the labels from their current position onto a grid on the X/Y plane.

I been trying since a while with not much success, sometimes the panels are scattered all over the place, some times the machine is crashing.
I had also the case that the panels as they are in the curvature as a whole located to the grid system, means i had 17 canopy shapes on my grid.

When i try to unroll with Open Nest, the panels get unrolled but all on world X/Y and the labels are all over.

What i want to achieve is, to transfer the panels with labels flat to X/Y into the grid, to proceed from there for production, not necessary to be unrolled already, but i need it flat on X/Y.

I have created a grid with referencing fields as per panel quantities.

I tried to re-orient them from Geometry , from actual panel position ( their position at shape ) onto the plane/surface in the grid, but when i do that, the panels are scattered all over the place or i crashing the computer…

I guess it will be something simple for you but for me it seems to be not clear at all.
I tried to orient from panel plane to surface / plane of the grid system, but the result is nothing usable at all…

If you have some time and could give me some direction, i would be very thankful.

Please see attached the 3dm file and the GH code.

Thanks a lot in advance,


2021-10-12_Net line & Baked Panels__Numbering_rev05.3dm (19.0 MB)
2021-10-12_Panel_numbering & (157.5 KB)

No, it’s not simple. I tried OpenNest for the first time two days ago:

I got some useful results but stopped before I got Unroll to work. Part of the success I had was because I looked very carefully at the data trees to keep them synchronized.

P.S. Looked briefly at your current code and see that you have switched to meshes (Weaverbird)? And are still using Bowerbird instead of OpenNest Text.


And still not using the standard GH component for Flip Plane?


i would not need them necessarily unrolled, but it would be great to get the Panels with text oriented to the X/Y plane into my grid system.
I have used the Open Nest for the labeling purpose as i get very nice and centered labels out of it.

I have read your conversation about this open nest as well and have tried to use the open nest, which have worked for me for the labelling.

But i would need these panels oriented to X/Y if possible to the points as center in my grid.

No need for unroll function over Open Nest.

Any suggestion on how i get these re-oriented to X/Y?

I tried so many things, but failed so far…



i have not changed anything from that stage, the weaver bird is at the very start for the lines to Mesh.
And the labeling is made over Open nest.

The other options are still there but enabled, so they just there, but not active.
My labels are made over Open nest.

Other than everything else I’ve said over these two threads, no. Sorry but GH is not simple.

i know GH is not simple, and that’s why I’m asking for some help from very experienced people like you.
Unfortunately i not that long in the field of parametric design and therefore my knowledge is limited…

So i will try to find a way on how to re-orient these panels to X/Y, but not sure if i will get it done.

Anyway, Josef, thanks a lot for all your help, understanding and patience with some Newbie in GH.

Wish you a great day.