Text object exploded - exploded curves rotate 180

I made a text object “BETTER”, decided I wanted the curves so used Explode. Curves seem correct, but rotate 180 for no apparent reason.
Version 6 SR12 (6.12.19016.7051 1/16/2019)

Original Text Object

Exploded to Curves

Had the annotation Text been Rotated or Mirrored before it was Exploded into curves?

Rotated: I don’t recall. Probably not.
Mirrored: Definitely not.

So far, I can not duplicate the problem.

Please spend a little time and see if you can come up with the scenario or sequence that reproduces this problem.
If you can, please let me know so I can repeat it and get it to a developer for fixing.


I can’t reproduce this either, so far. A file would be helpful.


@edhenry70 - That’s probably because you were looking at the text from behind.
There is a setting to display text so you can read it from behind. It is a display adjustment for annotations, so when you convert the text from an annotation to curves by exploding, that adjustment no longer happens.
You can turn off the automatic adjusting in the annotation style.

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Hi Lowell - I messed with that and it still worked as expected here.


@pascal - Here’s an example

Some text.3dm (41.3 KB)

Got it, thanks - my view was already ‘correct’, I did not look in the other views.


That was it! After I uncheck “Orient text blah blah blah” it behaves as expected.

Alright then. :smiley: