Trouble Replicating Material with Quixel Textures

Hi all,

I am trying to replicate this material and I feel like i have done everything correctly but I am not happy with the result at all…

This is how it should look:

These are my settings:

Roughness, Normal and Displacement are all set to 'Rendering Space (Linear)
I understand Vray does not need to use AO map is this correct?

This is what I get: Something is really wrong with the displacement. Even when I put it to 0 it still rounds off the edges.

When I turn it off completely it looks like this: Still very far away from the Quixel preview.

Here is the material I made:

Okay so it looks like in displacement I have to use “Normal Displacement” instead of ‘2D Displacement’

Judging from the descriptions I thought I had to use the latter:

Normal Displacement – Takes the original surface geometry and subdivides its triangles into smaller sub-triangles which are then displaced.

2D Displacement – Bases the displacement on a texture map that is known in advance. The displaced surface is rendered as a warped height-field based on that texture map. The actual raytracing of the displaced surface is done in texture space, and the result is mapped back into 3D space. The advantage of this method is that it preserves all the details in the displacement map. However, it requires that the object has valid UV coordinates. You cannot use this method for 3D procedural textures or other textures that use object or world coordinates.

This change with a couple of lights to create more shadows got me this: