Baking VRay Displacement to Geometry?

Hi all, does anyone know if it’s possible for a VRay displacement map to apply or bake to the geometry it’s affecting the same way Rhino’s native displacement maps do? I’m trying to match the settings between the VRay and Rhino displacement options as best as possible just to duplicate the affect, but the result in Rhino isn’t ideal and the VRay result is what I’d like. Is it possible to transfer the VRay displacement onto the object outside of rendering? Essentially what I’d like to do is have it modeled so I can cut plans and sections and other line drawings that express the ins and outs of the surface.Thanks!

Native Rhino (not great)

VRay Result (desired)

Displacement Map

Alternatively you could improve your settings used in Rhino - perhaps with dense custom meshes?

Open to this (and other ways of getting the desired result) but do you mind explaining a little more? What would create a dense custom mesh?

If you select an object, and look in the properties tab, there should be a custom mesh tick box. There are loads of topics on what settings would be best, for something like displacement I would maybe nominate a minimum and maximum edge length and hope for regular topology coming out.

I didn’t realise you can also apply displacement to a mesh object, so that’s always an option too. But perhaps it’ll mess with the mapping you have.

Oh, right - I was already modeling them as meshes and that option is grayed out. Looks like that won’t work.

You can’t bake it. Or more precisely you can’t get the displaced mesh out of V-Ray.
The tesselation happens at render time, a way after the original mesh has been transferred from Rhino to V-Ray. Even if there was a method of extracting it - it would be one single triangulated mesh for the entire scene.

Gotcha, that makes sense. I guess the solution is to just mess around with Rhino’s native displacement options until I get close enough? I’m not sure of any other workarounds.

Attached example of displacing a mesh, if your mesh is dense enough ( I think this helps, this was a 50x50 plane, which you can see in yellow underneath the displaced preview). Note I have an Open Mesh selected, which is having displacement applied.

Then to get the displaced mesh out, ExtractRenderMesh, then you get the object out as you see on the right.

Doesn’t seem like initial mesh density matters too much. 10x10 plane actually gave me a surprisingly good result. Maybe the mapping/repetitions of the ‘image’ on the objects isn’t right? Make sure you have Initial Quality up a bit higher if possible. Then as mentioned, ExtractRenderMesh will let you get the displaced object out (rather than just the preview).

This is helpful, I’ll try this out and see if it gets closer to what I’m wanting. Thanks.

Good luck - hope you get some good results!