Why Displacement map offset my surfaces on the render?


  • why displacement map shift my surfaces ?

  • Do the displacement maps always generate bugs in the software? It seems to take a lot of resources.

  • First answer: because displacement displace surfaces. :wink: But you can enable “keep continuity” and it should help.
  • No, not if you enable “keep continuity”. Maybe you should use bump or normal map and you don’t need additional resources. Also the needed resources depends on the used displacement settings (max subdivs, mesh density of the objects or resolution in 2D mode). Best read the help pages for more infos.

Your example looks not like a typical example where displacement is needed. It looks like material where bump is useful.

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I almost never use displacement in Vray for Rhino, as I find it to be extremely slow and cumbersome to set up. Also this is due to Rhinos rendermeshes which are simply not well suited for displacement. It works best for quad meshes with a close to even mesh size. I haven’t checked this myself yet but you can try to Rhino 7’s _QuadRemesh to generate a good base mesh for displacement.

Furthermore make a rendering without textures to check if your displacement is actually adding something to the end result, and/or use V-Rays render channel Bump Normals to check this.

I don’t need displacement often and so i don’t used it. But last I tested VfR5, 2D displacement and GPU rendering. I was quite happy about the result. It was quick rendered.


Hi Micha, impressive!
Can you tell me which textures you used?

It’s the free texture from here:

At the web can be found some nice photo scanned highres gravel textures too.

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thanks! → so funny I already bought the collection a few years ago … seems like I should take a closer look at it :grinning: