Trouble printing layout to PDF

Hi there,

Running an older version of Rhino (5.3.1) on a mac (Big Sur OS) – I haven’t updated since I use it sporadically. The last time I tried to print layouts to PDF (about a year ago) it worked fine, but now I’m encountering all kinds of issues, namely when I click on vector output the program crashes.

Based on some threads I was browsing, I tried deleting my Adobe PDF 8.0 driver and using the print to PDF button, but I can’t even get that far… I either have to wait 10 mins or more to get the preview to load, or I lose patience and force quit. I saw that some people noted that PictureFrame objects can trip you up, and I do indeed have these in my model, though I’ve tried placing them on a separate layer and turning it off.

I suspect the issue might be that my Adobe Acrobat has updated but my Rhino isn’t. Would installing a different PDF creator help??

Please help, my drawings are trapped in Rhino and I can’t get them out!

Thank you!