Dimensioning Points and Lines

Hi, Is there a way to dimension a series of points on a Detail Line to a grid line using RhinoInsideRevit? My intuition was to create a series of symbols on the curve and use those to draw linear dimensions between the symbols and the grid line. But it looks like the component does not work with symbols. I get this error: “RevitAPI: The references are not geometric references.”
I thought about adding “dummy” detail lines on the point and use those for dimensions but it is not a clean solution and later on it would cause other problems. I appreciate your help.

I added the dimension manually in the image below to describe what I’m looking for:

Hi Ali,

The dimensions in RiR aren’t particularly intuitive. To do this seamlessly there would need to be configuration components. The current process requires specific Revit Geometric references like you mentioned above.

Here i added Dummy Detail lines, but like you said, not clean or ideal situation.

Thank you very much, Japhy.
What do you mean by configuration components?
Is there a way to access the elements of a symbol and use them as reference? When I do it manually that’s what Revit does I think.

Successful Revit API Dimensioning implementations use a configuration interface.

Such as Evolve has done https://www.evolvelab.io/glyph

When using the RiR its looking for Geometry Reference, which isn’t available just getting a Symbol Element in RiR, without calculating possible References. This is where a pre-configuration would be helpful.

You can see how that works when manually placing a dimension on symbols, it gets a week reference from the linework, which in Annotation References is Null Face.

Understood, Thank you very much.