Bongo plugin load error on Rhino start up

Started Rhino 7 and got this error, which appeared just after the “Loading Bongo 3.0” message appeared on the splash screen:

No idea why I don’t get an English language message, but fortunately the next messages are more helpful:

Intriguingly, Bongo 3.0 appears in the plugin list, but Bongo 2.0 doesn’t (and the 2.0 menu and toolbars are absent) so don’t know whether the timing against the splash screen message is significant.

No problems half an hour before when I previously started Rhino, and Rhino starts fine on my other machine.

Can we have the Bongo main edition (2, 3) in the error message headings so we know which version is erroring?
Can we have English messages on an English language machine?
What broke the Bongo install?
To fix this, do I need to reinstall Bongo 2? Bongo 3? Rhino?


You probably need to update Bongo 3. Yesterday a new build was uploaded since the previous one expired on January 31st.

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Updating your WIP version is a good place to start. You can download it from here:

I opened an issue about adding the version number to dialogs and message boxes here. It likely won’t be added back to Bongo 2 but added forward for Bongo 3.

This is a bug. Bongo should be correctly localized but something has gone wrong. I logged it here.

Let us know if updating doesn’t work and then we’ll go from there.


Thanks @nathanletwory, new WIP download did solve it. I had checked the forum for news of a new release, but the thread hadn’t been updated at that time.

@Joshua_Kennedy, thanks for logging the secondary issues. Any chance you could also log a request for a more graceful handling of an expired WIP, with a message saying a new download is needed and not the obliteration of Bongo 2.0?.


I believe these issues are all related so I updated BO-3489 to reflect it originates when the WIP expires.

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