Bongo commands loaded, but no bongo

Work In Progress
(8.0.23080.12305, 2023-03-21)

This WIP has all the Bongo commands loaded, but no bongo is loaded in the plug-in list.
I own Bongo V1, and once loaded a trial of V2, but that was ages ago, so I don’t know if its some hangover from a previous rhino version, or what…?

Anyway, could they please disappear?

Bongo 1 is only compatible with Rhino 3, Rhino 4 and 32-bit Rhino 5, and it’s a 32-bit application, so it should not show up in Rhino 8. It’s most likely the Bongo 2 trial.
What does your System info say about loaded plug-ins?
(Help > System Information…)

I enclose some screenshots.

You can see that V8 has all the commands listed, but the bongo plugins are not loaded in the plugin manager, and the system info doesn’t show anything about bongo.

Now that I check, V7 is exactly the same (so I didn’t include screen shots.)

Finally V6 shows four Bongo commands (why?) but not the rest, and the plugin manager shows bongo not loaded, as does the system info.


Well, it turns out the “solution” is to uninstall the trial of Bongo 2 via the windows control panel.

I would have expected that if it wasn’t loaded, and didn’t show up in the system info, then it would be not referenced, but what would I know…?

Doesn’t it make sense though that assuming you had a working bongo installation, that if you didn’t load it because it wasn’t needed for whatever project you were working on, then, just as you don’t see the timeline, or the menu, then you also wouldn’t see all the “ghost” commands…?


I just logged an issue for that here. It’s how Rhino handles plug-ins.