Trouble exporting editable dimensions text as dxf drawing

Hello hi,

I am trying to export dxf drawings from shape diver email export by using multiple dimension component
but nothing helps. I was using elefront in offline but for shape diver its doesn’t support. so it will be great if i get some help. thanks in advance

Please explain clearly which problem you are facing with exports, and include a minimal definition that I can use to reproduce it.

Hi Mathieu,

Thank you for your reply

i have attached the definition

fab tools annotations are not export to DXF and please let us know the solution for exporting dxf supported annotations from SD interface.

Thank you


we are working on ceiling systems and we want our client to download dxf from SD interface but dxf is not downloading with dimensiosn and text .

can i get any update regarding this topic?

Hi @Uniceil_Prominance ,

Apologies for the late response. There is an issue with the new export workflow when exporting text or dimensions entities. I have added some comments in your Grasshopper file with a workaround while we solve this issue.


Hi @edsahergom

Thank you for the solution and it will be great if i get any solution to integrate the dimension style as well in the script.

Is there any update regarding this topic?

Unfortunately, we have not been able to properly locate and prioritize this issue at the moment. We recommend to keep using the workaround proposed by Edwin above for the time being.