Export dxf file failed

Hello SD team,
I uploaded a model in Shapediver that works fine, unless the export file part.

There is a boolean toggle to run the nesting part (I am using OpenNest). Exporting works well in Grasshopper but doesn’t seem to work in ShapeDiver, even after expecting some time before using the export button. It may have something to do with the calculation time for nesting?
How can I solve the problem?
Also, the curves and polylines in the exported dxf file are not joined whereas they are before export. Any reason why? ShapeDiver

Thank you for your help,

I ran your definition locally and it took 35 seconds for OpenNest to complete the nesting. There seems to be an issue reporting the proper error but this is very likely the cause of the failure to export.

My immediate advice would be to perform the nesting on simplified curves rather than the final ones (the curves you are nesting currently contain all the fabrication details which are not influencing the operation at all but make it much longer). If you cannot reduce the computation time enough, you have the option to ugprade your account with more computation time.

Hi Mathieu,
I simplified a lot the file so now I succeed to make the export work on my Designer account. But something I don’t understand is that the same .gh file on my “Test” account (I am currently testing the Design Plus plan) does not take into account the export part.

  • Model working on my designer account : ShapeDiver
  • Model not working on the Designer Plus account : ShapeDiver
    The 2 Plans a priori have the same computation time. Do you know why?