Trouble converting closed brep to a closed mesh in GH, works fine in Rhino menus though?

Hi I have a closed polysurface that I’ve imported into grasshopper as a closed brep. For some reason it won’t convert to a closed mesh, I’ve tried a dozen different combinations of methods from the forums and other places.

Tried differing combinations of merging, cleaning, Pufferfish, M+, Weaverbird, Kangaroo components too.

GH Definition: (861.1 KB)


Here is the weird thing, if I manually convert in Rhino using the Mesh ‘from Nurbs’ dropdown - it converts right into a closed mesh. I’m trying to automate some of my scaling and converting of closed surfaces to meshes though, so I’d like to get this to work in grasshopper. Any ideas?

image (852.4 KB)

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Awesome - won’t even say how many hours and crashes of meshing this took before I gave up and posted the question. Thanks for the incredibly easy fix.

Still works even when upping the mesh quality: