Convert Brep to Mesh | lowest polygon

how to convert a brep to a mesh with grasshopper to obtain less geometry as possible ? Even simplify the original Brep ?

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Try this?!
brep to (7.5 KB)

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If your brep contains only simple faces (faces without holes or difficult curvature, having 3 or 4 vertices on their outer loop only), you can use the Simple Mesh component. If your brep is complicated, and you do figure out a way to do it, let me know and we’ll make millions together.


These are all the available options via components:

Can you upload the model?

You will see all the buildings as breps… and I need to simplify them as much as I can to run analysis…

All thoses breps are build form extruded polylines and then cap.
aa.3dm (314.7 KB)

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no one :confused: ?

Appears that the jagged option yields the most reasonable results (closed mesh). If you follow the other way (provided for comparison)… obviously there’s no closed mesh possible.

Using the clean mesh from K1 (makes a difference). (8.9 KB)
Brep_to_mesh_V1.3dm (364.4 KB)


thanks alot Peter !! I will go with this, look way better !

Just to help you clarify the problem… Your file has one building. What do you expect?

How about an “oriented” BBox (Bounding Box)? (10.4 KB)


Hmmm sush a good idea too, i will give it a try for my simulations! thanks alot joseph !

A bit late to the party, but Geometry Gym might have new features that can help with this a lot.



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