Trimming Mesh Geometry

Hello, I am trying to trim mesh geometry I’ve brought in from google maps. The idea is to trim out the portion that is my project and insert my actual project geometry. I need a clean trimmed line of the google model so It will be easy merging my model with the context. I’ve boolean difference, mesh trim, mesh split and nothing works the way I need it to. Mesh trim works, but I have to trim each mesh face one at a time and is very time consuming. I’ve tried exploding all the joined meshes, and trimming, but it doesn’t allow me trim collectively, it just fails or does nothing. I’m also trying to keep the rendered material intact and notice some commands disrupts the final look of the google earth model.

Just a note, i’ve also tried mesh repair, but once you repair it, you lose the rendered appearance of the mesh face.

Any help I can get is much appreciated and will save me lots of time if successful.

Hello - if the faces are all separate, you can Join them into a single mesh. Hard to say more without an example file.


Thanks for responding Pascal. I’d be happy to share the file, unfortunately it is too large to post here. I have made the following google drive folder which hosts the file:

@hacopi keep in mind this is a public forum - if you do not want this file to be public, please remove the link from your post.

I’ll take a look.

here, I’ve split a few of the meshes, all at once, (MeshSplit command) with my new boxy building - is that anything like what you want to do?
contextIIMaybe.3dm (1.4 MB)


Pascal thank you. There must have been an error on my end, the mesh started splitting. Maybe it was because I was trying to use another mesh object to do the splitting? I dont know. Thanks for your help.