Trimming and substracting VA objects

I wonder if there is an option to substract a VA object from another one? For now, I see it’s possible with a solid only. It would be absolutely fantastic to have such option. For example, I have a wall and a slab, but the elevation point for the wall is on the lower level. Now, I have to put 2 walls, one below the slab, one on the top of it. Of course, I could substract a solid, but it’s not a dynamic option, when I change anything I have to rebuild (it’s not so convenient to use control points of the solid). So, the process gets complicated… Then, if I have an element and I have to cut it with not-so-perpendicular line, I have also to substract a solid. Why cannot I just use a regular “trim” command? It woud also simplify lots of work…
How do you, guys, think? Could it be done in some nearfuture? :wink:
Cheers, Jaro

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Hi @jerry.bakowski,

It would be very useful you are right! Actually it has been already requested :slightly_smiling_face:

We don’t know when we will start developing this feature but I will let you know.

Kind regards