Add/Substract Solid usability tweaks

Add and Substract Solid in VA is great. However, I would like to see some usability tweaks:

  1. Direct moving of substracted solids by moving square dot handle is very handy. Can we please have the same handle for moving solid that have been add?

  2. Big inconvienance: Extract Solids extracts all solids, there is no option to extract just one. It is inconvienient and is not following the logic of two basic operations „Explode” and „Extract Surface” from Rhino.

  3. This one is mostly because of how Extrac Solids is currently working.
    It would be nice if we could enter some edit mode similar to how Rhino’s Block Edit is working for given VA objects. For example we could enter edit mode for the Wall and here, uninterupted modify shapes and placements of added and substracted solids.
    The problem right now is that there is too long path to edit one of many added/substracted solids in e.g. VA Wall.

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Hi @barden00,

This is working right now. Just make sure you’re not using a shaded display mode that may hide the control point inside the added solid.


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