Feature Request: Void Object


One feature that I pretty regularly wish existed in VisualArq is a form of generic void object that can boolean through multiple VA elements without having to be embedded individually within each element. The current subtract solid system can be cumbersome to apply, and is even more so to update if you’ve done something like notch multiple VA elements around a rhino solid or similar.

An equivalent would be the Revit ‘shaft’ tool.

Being able to assign the void object to multiple but specific elements could further make it more powerful, with the key difference between the current Subtract Solid tool and the suggested one being ease in making updates: you would adjust void geometery once across the assigned set rather than extract the solids across multiple elements, delete redundant ones, adjust subtraction geometry and reapply to same elements.

Where it is sometimes useful to be able to move the ‘hidden’ subtraction geometry when adjusting subtractions from a VASolid, it would be much more useful to be able to select faces and manipulate like a typical polysurface using Ctrl+Shift. You can extract and reapply this (and all other solids) of course, but this is pretty laborious.

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Hi @RLed I agree, a “Void” (or “Shaft”) object in VisualARQ would be quite useful. I add this feature request for future VisualARQ versions.
I also add your vote to be able to edit the geometry used to subtract (or add) solids from a VisualARQ object.

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