Workaround to Merge Slabs & Beams?


We know that VA can not merge slabs and beams at the moment. However, this makes big confusion and misunderstanding between clients or contractors and us again and again. Is there any good workaround for this issue until release of VA 3?


Hi @archist97 , you can try to subtract a solid from that slab (vaSubtractSolid), which has the same volume as the beam. (You can copy “In place” the beam and explode it, so you will obtain a solid which you can use for the subtraction.)
I know this is quite a “manual” workflow, so I hope we can improve this by making VisualARQ objects perform subtraction on others based on specific criteria.

Hi. Francesc. Thanks for your reply
I think your ideas works for small size of project only. It does not work for a project over medium size, which usually has hundreds of beams. If this is just one time work, it might be fine, but design is changed on daily-basis. It does not make sense to repeat subtraction whenever design is changed.

I asked about this issue 5 years ago as well. Your answer was “We will make it possible.” I do not think merging slabs and beams is about 'wish". I think this is minimum functionality as a BIM software. Is it possible to merge beams and slabs in VA3?


Hi @Archist97, I hope we make it possible in VisualARQ 3.

Please add my vote for this.