BUG? Rhino 7 refuses to shrink a surface

Check the attached file. I tried to shrink that surface, but for some reason Rhino 7 refuses to do so. :slight_smile: I’m aware that I could use ! _RefitTrim as an alternative, but it will change the distribution of the control points, so the ! _ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge command is exactly what I need. But it fails. Is that a bug?

Rhino 7 refuses to shrink this surface.3dm (195.2 KB)

Hi Bobi - I guess that is expected - the small end is like so:


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Not a bug. At the corner in Pascal’s image there is not room for shrinking. The end of the untrimmed surface edge coincides with the end of the trimmed surface edge

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Thank you for pointing out that, Pascal! For some unknown reason I was blind enough to not see this area. :upside_down_face:

Wow, I have to be more careful with observing the surfaces. I still can’t believe that I was unable to notice that simple fact. :space_invader:

When I do this, I go off and make a coffee.



Good idea! :rofl: Maybe it’s time to make a break for today. it was too much work already.