Trimmed surface does not display properly

I’m importing a trimmed surface from a STEP file. In shaded mode, I see surface beyond the trim boundary. When I switch back to wire frame mode, the surface gets hidden. Any ideas what could cause this, or how to work around it?

This problem only happens in Rhino5. It does not happen in Rhino4.

See the Rhino 5 help file for the ShrinkTrimmedSrf and ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge commands. Do any of these help?

After using ShrinkTrimmedSrf or ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge commands, I can’t get a shaded view of the surface. (and the “shade” button hides the surface).

Perhaps we need to see the STEP file. You can post it here or email our technical support staff at

OK, I sent the STEP and 3DM files to .

Hi Steve- thanks, this is fixed and should work properly with the next service release.

bug track:

These bugtrack items are not currently available to the public.



Thanks Pascal. When is the next service release?

Steve Mulder

Hi Steve- good question- the goal is to release every month or there-abouts but the current SR may take longer due to some bigger changes than usual. So, the answer is, I don’t have a good enough idea yet to say anything useful about when…