Trim surface_Beginner

Hello All,

I have a very simple exercise, for you but not for me :slight_smile: ( I’m a super beginner ( even less probably)
I’m stuck at this point, As you can see from my capture attached.
the grasshopper component drew an additional surface coming out of my ellipse base curve.
I’ve no clue how to “cut” /stop the panels with the right shape.
probably will be more clear if you open the files attached.

thanks in advance for any suggestions

Test_I.3dm (217.2 KB) (9.3 KB)

A surface always has 4 edges. Your elipse is a trimmed surface. The division happens on the untrimmed surface.

Check this topic: Problem with Paneling Population on Trimmed Surface - #2 by HS_Kim

If you all panels to be quads, you might get a better result with Quad Remesh. I aligned your curves centered on the origin. (22.6 KB)
Test_I.3dm (182.6 KB)

PS: “Paneling a trimmed surface” would be a better topic title.

Thank you, really appreciated it.
i’ ll double check immediately