Trim Panels with elliptical surfaces


I am tring to trim the surfaces with the ellipse and only keep the suface outside the ellipse but not able to achieve.

at the end I want to make the surface like this.

Does anyony know how I can do it? If I trim before making the pannels. The holes will be fill up after I try to create the pannels.

Can anyone kindly help? (82.4 KB)

best regard
Michael Lin
Lin_424266_final.3dm (4.1 MB)

One problem in your definition comes from the way you create the elliptical cutters. You cannot use the entire elliptical curve for the surface revolution. Instead, you need to provide just half of it. One way to do this is by splitting the ellipse at t = 0.25 and 0.75.

Once your cutters are clean revolutions, the rest is simple: (79.7 KB)


Thank you so much! It work!!


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