Surface selection

I am new to grasshopper. I had been trying delineate a trimmed surface from an ellipse. After trimming when I try to evaluate the surface to apply panelling components, the entire ellipse is getting selected. Can anyone pls help me to apply the panels only one the surface that was produced after culling.? I am very basic beginner to use grasshopper. Pls don’t mind the poor definition I had made!! (52.4 KB)
3D model 1.3dm (9.9 MB)

Have a look at the attachment. You’ll need to align your curve seams first for better result.
And see the link bellow to understand the underlying theory of Trimmed Surface Patterning. (44.0 KB)

Or you can apply a pattern directly to your surfaces if you turn your “Trimmed Surfaces” into “Untrimmed Surfaces”. (48.8 KB)

Thanks a lot @HS_Kim … Indeed it was very helpful and I could figure out where I got stuck. Thank you.:slightly_smiling_face: