Trim region fails with lines

I don’t quite understand this behavior: trimming is successful with a curve but fails with a line? (8.5 KB)

Hey, don’t really know why it’s happening, but insert XY plane works just fine :slight_smile:



I actually think that, when you draw a planar cure (like you did), the component takes the plane where the curve stands.
But a line can be defined in an infinite amount of planes, so you have to manually input which one !

But that what I can come up with to explain this behaviour… :slight_smile:


ok I think I can answer this myself: intersection of 2d objects need a reference plane where the intersection is happening. in case of this curve its defined by the curve itself - and in case of a line there are infinite planes where the line could be part of.

It would be nice it gh would act in some cases more “strict” – it’s nice when it can figure out the orientation by itself but kinda hard to debug when the behaviour is not consistent.

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oh, am i too late? :grinning::smile:

Haha close, very close ! :smiley: