Trim curves with curves

Hi All,
I have many curves are beams need trim with curves are column as below.
Anyone have suggest please help me?

File: TRIM CURVES.3dm (165.2 KB)

Check this out. (27.6 KB)


Thank HS_Kim very much

Hi guys,
Sorry to come back to such a far topic. Why are all the curves not trimed ? Does anyone have an explanation?
Thanks in advance

another example (10.7 KB)


Simple there is no intersection of curves. There in that area so not trimmed.

PS: I’m saying this by seeing the image wait lemme see the file too.


TrimWithRegions re (25.5 KB)

Yeah what i said above is right. I just moved the curve in negative X direction to create intersection. So now it get trimmed. See the screenshot and file you will understand.


Thanks @ajarindia for your response but the problem happens when the curves are coincidents
look at the second example posted with different variations. The problem arises when the curves are on top of each other. sometimes it cuts others not

Hi everyone,
I found the source of the problem. It has to do with curves direction.
Attached the corrected file (10.7 KB)

I hope I have already seen a tutorial how to fix this automatically

Tell me both have same plane na

all curves are in the same plane

Explain more newbie here

I’m also in the grasshopper learning phase, and I’m looking for answers.
What I did to correct the problem is to reverse the direction of the curves which are problematic (in rhino not in grasshopper). I did it manually.
what is desirable is to do it automatically and I’m still looking for how to do it :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok fazloullah

There is a solution in this topic

For the second example (31.7 KB)

But for the first case it does not quite succeed. Maybe the starting geometry is responsible (26.0 KB)

Thanks to @HS_Kim

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