Trim with region

I have encountered a case where the trim with curve does not function as expected. As per the discussions below, I have the plane added. Doesn’t help. In this case the curves coincide with the boundary in some cases and I would understand the struggle there, bu there are parts that are clearly outside and are not given out as such. Anyone knows what is happening here?

Simple trim with regions problem - #2 by HS_Kim
Trim region fails with lines - #3 by antoinemaes

Trim with region (26.3 KB)

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or a tolerance issue, anyway here’s another way.

Trim with region (9.5 KB)


Yes. I tried something similar after posting and it worked. Thanks))

I shatterd the curves based on their intersection points and used the resulting curves instead.

Split with Brep also works

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