Trim lunchbox`s diamond Panels

Hi all,

i have faced some problems theses days paneling a doubly trimmed surface:

I would like to have a clean edge,the image below is

Thats also the reason why i tried to do it with a mesh from the output of the meshBrep component.
I know there will be distorted faces with less than 4 vertices, thats ok for me, i just dont get it done:

I am not sure what could be a workaround.

Maybe someone knows?

Thanks! (17.5 KB)

This could be a workaround… (13.9 KB)

Hi @HS_Kim,
thanks for showing this option,
i am not really sure how to set up the the BoundaryCurve

, when i try to unroll it fails.

Also i have a huge amount of different domes, thats why i kept trying in another way.

Sorry for not telling from beginning the final result i was trying to get,i want to get something like this, in the best case a mesh for having it later easier to prepare the 3d print.
When i read it now i really should have choosen another title.

Thats why i thought about using the output of the meshBrep component, cause its already a clean mesh with all faces 3 or 4 vertices.
I tried it with the relative item component but without success, i think it could be possible. Or maybe there is better way to do thid?

Maybe you could have a look?
sorry forgot the (13.3 KB)

You’ll probably need to use a plugin like “Turtle” which will allow you to deal with ngon mesh(for your faces that have more than 4 vertices…) (17.5 KB)

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thanks a lot! That looks perfect, i didnt knew it was possible to deal with ngons meshes in r5.
Again, many thanks!

And regarding your curiosity, please follow below procedure…

1, Type and run “CreateUVCrv” command in rhino command line.
2. Select your “Trimmed Surface” and Enter.
3 Then, you’ll probably get your boundary & trimmed curves near origin point.

Thanks a lot,

surely i will need that in the process for other domes.

Thanks and a nice day!