LunchBox problem with Splitted Surfaces

Hello guys, i’ve made this surface using rhino and i splitted it.
Now i’m trying to realize Diamond Panels with that surface but the splitteed part come out. How can i fix this?

link immages : and


You will have to work with an untrimmed surface in order to archive the desired result. You can also get the curves (Diamond and Triangular Panels ) and project/pull the into the surface.


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okok so now i m gonna remake that surface, thank you a lot :slight_smile:

I tried to remake the surface but i,ve got the same problem… The Dyiamond Panel still take too much area around my shape …

Dear Zifo,

I am pretty sure that this is a Trimmed Surface, see an example.

See also a way to solve the problem.


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Thank you a lot, i relly appreciate it ! :slight_smile: Do you know how to make a “panel frame” now ? because i’m stuck there

You can offset the curve and either loft the curve or trim the surface.

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